Amanda L.

Struggling with reaching a broader audience on social media and thus having few fans on OnlyFans, Amanda was able to exponentially increase her reach and income to $45,000 in just four months, thanks to the strategic efforts of the PulsPrime team.


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No reach, no traffic, no fans


Amanda had no reach on social media platforms, which translated to a lack of fans and hence no income. After four months with PulsPrime, she enjoyed a tremendous boost in reach on social media platforms, a steady influx of new fans to her OnlyFans, and a revenue jump to $45,000.

Situation Analysis

Amanda, an ambitious and creative content creator, struggled to grow her reach on Instagram, Twitter, tiktok, and other platforms. Without an established audience, her ability to attract and retain fans on OnlyFans was heavily compromised. Moreover, she was unfamiliar and inexperienced in strategies to expand her reach or to attract fans.

PulsPrime Solution

Amanda turned to the team at PulsPrime for assistance. Our team crafted strategies tailored to Amanda's needs, with our prime goal being to enhance her reach on social media platforms and attract more fans. Our four-month plan was constructed around consistent posting, engagement tactics, and strategic use of hashtags for maximum reach.

1. Analyze her current situation

2. Optimization of her content strategy and output

3. Rebranding and image enhancement on her profile

4. Messaging funnel optimization for maximized revenue

5. 3 Step Viral Strategy (TikTok, Tinder, Insta, Bumble, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit)

6. Regular review and strategizing sessions to discover new opportunities

Impact and Results

Four months down the line, our strategies have borne fruit. Amanda's reach on social media platforms has grown exponentially. The boost in visibility has led to a consistent stream of new fans on OnlyFans every day. As a result, Amanda saw a skyrocketing of her revenue to an impressive figure of $45,000.

Amanda's words:

Amanda's words tell the story of our journey together: "It was truly intriguing to see that PulsPrime not only fulfilled my desire to generate fans but also an income that I hadn’t thought was possible. If you have the know-how of all social media platforms, current trends, marketing approaches, and the many ways to develop yourself, you can achieve great things. However, that’s too much for one person, and I prefer to have a management like PulsPrime behind me. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten this far! Love to Julia! Without you, all this would not have been possible."

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